What is really causing you to feel so horrible today?

SPOILER ALERT: you didn’t leave the oven on, you’re not going to get sacked and I’m sure plenty of people have love for you 💪

We accept this belief automatically, without realising that there is a step in between — one where our sneaky lil minds create some freaky thoughts and make us feel the way we do.

“I can’t believe Alex. Why hasn’t she responded to my message? She’s been acting a bit distant lately, maybe she’s stopped loving me. I can’t believe she’s at the party and I’m here all alone”

“It’s good I’m not going to the party tonight, I’m feeling ill so it’s nice to rest. Alex and I will finalise our holiday tomorrow and I’m excited to go to Mars, I hope he’s having fun”.

Literally 🙄

It is these thoughts that can be changed to improve your mental fitness. Find out next week how you can become more aware of your thoughts and, in turn, change them.



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